Feb 17 2015
With the extremely cold temperatures we've been experiencing here in the Northeast, comes a high incidence of frozen pipes. One way of protecting vulnerable pipes, such as those under a kitchen sink located on an exterior wall, is to open the cabinet doors below the sink to allow the heat from your home to circulate more easily and prevent the pipes from freezing.
Oct 11 2013
home additions hunterdon county, nj. potting shed, home improvement hunterdon county, nj addition, Clinton Township Home Addition and renovations potting shed, Residential additions hunterdon county, njWe are continuing to work on this extensive home renovation project in Hunterdon County, NJ.   The potting shed, part of this larger project, is built into the hillside to provide space below for lawn mowers, wheel barrows, leaf blowers and the like. The bank, adjacent to the potting shed and it's storage space beneath has stone steps built into it.  The remaining bank will be a rock-garden, filled with plants.  A pergola and a terrace, designed to provide the perfect place to enjoy the view, will connect the home to the potting shed.  
Sep 05 2013
With Hurricane season approaching, it is important to be sure your gutters, downspouts and leader drainage systems are clear of any debris that could prevent water from being channeled away from your foundation. It is also imperative that any grade near the foundation be pitched AWAY from the foundation walls.
Aug 07 2013
Cupola, potting shed, Hunterdon County, NJ. Rochelle BuildingThe Potting Shed, along with the rest of this major renovation in Hunterdon County, N.J., is progressing.  A few weeks ago, the cupola was added and the stone veneer is now being done.  Here's a new photo.
May 30 2013
As part of a larger Additions and Renovation project, our clients have asked us to build a Potting Shed.   In this, these avid gardeners can divide and re-pot plants, over-winter tender perennials and clean and store trowels, shovels and other hand tools. The windows in the cupola will allow light to fall to the interior and the other windows will frame the gorgeous views of the rolling hills of Hunterdon County.   Here’s how it looks now.  

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