Sep 05 2013

Keeping water out of your basement

With Hurricane season approaching, it is important to be sure your gutters, downspouts and leader drainage systems are clear of any debris that could prevent water from being channeled away from your foundation. It is also imperative that any grade near the foundation be pitched AWAY from the foundation walls.  Mulching around the foundation may appear to pitch away, but it is very important to be sure the grade (dirt) below the mulch is pitching away from the walls as well.  If water is allowed to run toward the foundation of your home, particularly water spilling over the top of leaf-filled gutters, you will likely experience water in your basement.  Keep in mind that soils around newly built structures will often settle and may pitch towards the home where it did not previously.

Taking precautions now will help keep your new home, new additions and their basements dry.

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